What's On

Welcome to our program of events for January - June 2017

This program offers panels, seminars and workshop events for writers from beginner through to established levels.  It is notoriously difficult to define these levels, but it is arguably worse to be a beginner in a workshop for established writers or vice-versa.  For this reason, we have provided some simple definitions to help you determine which QWC sessions ar right for you.  If you require further clarification about program suitability, don't hesitate to contact us.

Level definitions

Beginner: You desire an introduction to the subject.

Intermediate: You have some knowledge and experience of the subject.

Emerging: You have some professional experience and peer recognition.

Established: You have considerable professional experience and peer recognition.

Format definitions

Panel: One to three guests in conversation with a moderator.

Salon: Three or more writers reading a selection of their work to an audience.

Seminar: A lecture-style presentation that could involve audience interaction.

Course: Part seminar, part workshop; held over cumulative days, weeks or months.

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